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Landing page

The time when the users click and redirected to your website, they should be so appeal that they would be unable to leave the site before responding to your call to action. That’s what landing page concern to do

Why you need good landing page design?

Collect Information!

Every time a lead completes on a landing page, your marketing team is collecting information about your leads and use this information to understand what types of visitors are converting, 

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Call to action!

The idea is to require your website visitors to 'pay' you in contact information for something beneficial like an offer, and your landing page is the collections tool.

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Easily Generate Leads!

There are hundreds of ways to generate leads, so don’t hang your head. But you’re still not getting the lead flow you need to grow your company into the next billion-dollar brand.

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SEO Friendly!

Like any other inbound marketing content, keywords should be used in the page title, headers, and text on a landing page to optimize it for search engines like google and others.

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Focus on conversion!

A homepage has so many links, you have a harder time to find out where to go. Think, wouldn’t you slightly have one page to go through instead of testing to find what you need from a homepage? 

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Reduce Cost!

With more conversions through landing pages, you can generate more leads. That decreases costs and you can put more funding into things like higher PPC, such as SEO and social media.

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What is wrong with the landing page I am using now?

Your landing page should target your relevant keywords, and in the end you may need several different landing pages if you have variations of different keywords. If your current landing page is behind eight ball, after creating a better landing page, you should supplementary see a 10 to 50 percent better conversion rate.

Pearl Creation Technologies provides landing page design services, as well A-B testing, and Multi Variant testing services. If you are curious in our pricing and a proposal, please contact us.

    • You are diverting all the traffic to your home page
    • Your web page does not deliver what your ad promises (like a special price or a limited period offer)
    • Your conversion/ lead generation form is hard to locate
    • Your landing page is leaking traffic because of too many navigation options
    • You have a lot to say on your landing page and the readers are just not interested
    • You never measure your performance
    • Even worse, your landing page takes too long to load


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