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What is Landing Page?

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A page of the website on which one might “Land”. The landing pages are designed for marketing and advertising at the time when users click and redirect to your website. The page guides the visitors toward your intended conversion goal. Landing Pages are of two types – Click through landing pages and lead generation landing pages.

Click through Landing Pages: The main motive of Click through landing pages is to guide visitors to click through to another pages. It is funnel from page to page where they are nearer to making a purchase. The destination page of click through rate is the shopping cart or registration page or thank you page.

Lead Generation Landing Pages: Lead generation landing pages are used to collect the visitor’s information like name, email address and phone numbers and allow you to collect details of your interested customers. It is a lead generating page where visitors fill the form and submit it.

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Why Do You Need Good Landing Page Design?

Landing page Design is important if you want to grow your business.

Improve Online Marketing Strategy: -

Landing pages are helpful when you are promoting your new product or services online or if you want to begin a PPC Campaign that helps you to build your customers and helps in representing your business online.

Drive Sales: -

Landing page has a collection of links and visitors can go to their destination page by clicking through landing page.

Collect Important Data and Generate leads: -

Every time a lead completes on a landing page, your marketing team is collecting information about your leads and uses this information to understand what types of visitors are getting converted.

SEO friendly: -

Like any other inbound marketing content, keywords should be used in the page title, headers, and text on a landing page to optimize it for search engines like Google and others.

Pearl Creation – Website Landing Page Designing Services in India: -

Pearl Creation Technologies provides custom landing page designing services, as well as A-B testing, and Multi Variant testing services. Being an India based company since 2007, it is pioneer in offering affordable website landing page designing that can give matchless advantages as given below:

  • Landing pages makes testing easy and can check the different elements like content, headlines, images, keywords etc.
  • Increased Conversion rate and traffic as well
  • Easier Analytics of the website and thereby campaign measurement becomes easy.
  • Advertise your brand online.


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What is wrong with the Landing pages you have?

Landing page Design is important if you want to grow your business.

  • You are diverting all the traffic to your home page.
  • Your conversion/ lead generation form is hard to locate.
  • You have a lot to say on your landing page and the readers are just not interested.
  • Even worse, your landing page takes too long to load.
  • Your web page does not deliver what your ad promises (like a special price or a limited period offer).
  • Your landing page is leaking traffic because of too many navigation options.
  • You never measure your performance.